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The Fat Loss Factor Program: Reduce your Fat Faster!

Dr-Charles-DCA perfect look is a dream for all. But it may remain just as a dream for many because of many reasons. Today, internet is inundated with lots of weight loss programs. Some programs put you in starvation, while some others kill yourself at the gym. If you are frustrated due to the tedious weight loss programs, don’t be upset. Fat loss factor is a perfect program for reducing your weight and providing you a perfect look. This is the most effective program for changing your life in a positive way. This program can definitely help you to achieve your long cherished weight loss objective.

Obesity is a major problem today. It makes your body unattractive and unhealthy. However, you can reduce your body fat very easily. Starvation is not a solution for obesity. First of all, you must know the fat burning secrets. People with obesity are concerned about their weight and most of them want to reduce body fat. Doctors may recommend exercises and diet for them. However, this is not effective for people who struggle with extreme body weight. Fat Loss Factor is a solution for all such problems. In short, it is effective for almost all people.

Fat Burning Secrets

If you want to reduce weight, your liver must function perfectly. The Fat Loss Factor is developed on the basis of proper liver function. Therefore, it will provide you long term results. If you follow the directions of this program without fail, you can reduce body fat effortlessly. The Fat Loss Factor is developed by Dr Charles Livingston for helping people with obesity. It is proved as the easiest weight loss program in the world.

If you want to reduce your body fat, you must improve the performance of your liver. Therefore, besides helping you to reduce your weight, this program also helps you to keep your liver healthy. Cleansing your liver is the primary objective of this program. So, the first two weeks of this program focuses on detoxifying your body. This is highly helpful for accelerating weight loss process and improving your general health.

The Fat Loss Factor provides you customizable, detailed and comprehensive meal plan and specific weight loss strategies. This can be implemented in different levels of workouts. It also contains various types of weight loss recipes. It does not contain any time wasting ineffective exercise in this program. It explains only the most effective exercises for reducing your body fat.

In cleansing your liver, you will learn the foods that help to clean and detoxify your liver from toxins. The toxic substances damage your body’s ability to burn fat. The natural foods that you get easily are highly helpful for cleaning your liver and building fat burning metabolism. The fat burning foods help your body to burn fat very fast. Once you start consuming these types of foods, your body weight starts to go down. You can also consume your favorite foods along with the fat burning foods.

The Stress Factor

You are aware that stress is the root cause of many serious health problems. But, stress can also accelerate the weight gain process. Besides stress, there are also various factors that contribute weight gain. Fat Loss Factor is a step-by-step program, which is highly effective for reducing your stress and burning your fat. When you are under stress, it is very hard for you to eat healthy. Emotional eating or stress eating will be very high during this time.

Cortisol is a stress hormone. If you are under stress, fight response triggered in your body, which lead to the release of various hormones. Excessive stress accelerates the tendency to store more fat in your body. This is also the reason for higher abdominal fat and fat in other areas of your body. Increased level of cortisol induces craves for unhealthy food and you eat more than normal. Today, people are leading very stressful life. They are also not getting enough time to make healthy foods at home. Therefore, they depend on unhealthy fast foods, which will further help to gain weight. Fat Loss Factor can provide you lots of solution for controlling your stress.

Importance of High Motivation

Once you detoxify and cleanse your liver and control your stress, you will learn to build the right mindset for achieving your goal. Most weight loss programs fail because of the lack of motivation. Millions of people try to reduce weight. Some achieve their goals, but many fails. High motivation is the most important ingredient of fat loss factor. Without motivation, you cannot achieve your goals and you will end up in frustration and depression, which further induces overeating and unhealthy eating. So, if you want to reduce your weight, high motivation and strong determination are indispensable.


The Fat Loss Factor also teaches you to do the best cardio and aerobic exercises for reducing your body fat. You can increase your body’s fat burning ability if you do these exercises in 15 minutes. If you adopt these programs, there is no need to visit gym. These exercises are explained in the most attractive way.

The fat loss factor program consists of main e-book, exercise log, detailed workout plans, 15 minute workouts, master cleanse videos, recipe e-book, fat loss factor measurement forms, goal setting guide, grocery shopping list, etc.


I got the Fat Loss Factor after trying a variety of other weight loss programs. So, at first, I didn’t believe in this program. But at last, I start trying it. I read all the information and followed the instructions exactly. This program does not simply tell the foods to eat and the foods to avoid. Instead, it explains the ways to reduce weight in a very simple and healthy manner. Now, I could reach to the perfect body shape. This program is really helpful.

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